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Jack Neubecker

Jack Neubecker is a Science/Mathematics student with a fascination for how analytics and statistics informs decision-making in professional sports. In an abusive relationship with the Los Angeles Clippers, deals with the pain through an affair with the Dallas Mavericks and Kristaps Porzingis. Host, producer and writer for the Point Forward NBA Podcast. When playing games of pickup, Jack can post you up before looking for the fadeaway or the dream-shake, size you up on the perimeter or facilitate in a pinch. Think a combination of Dirk Nowitzki and Rudy Gay. Thing-Doer. Inventor of the computer, penicillin, lying and irony.

Twitter: @jackneubecker
Instagram: therealfajjy
Email: Jack Neubecker dot 13 at gmail dot com
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Elliott Hoffmann

Elliott Hoffmann is the chief writer, analyst and co-founder of the Point Forward Podcast. A basketball agnostic with a soft spot for the Thunder, Kings and Pistons, tune into the Point Forward Podcast and you’ll often find him spruiking the wonderfulness of Russell Westbrook or contemplating the dysfunctional Kings. Elliott is a big fan of X’s and O’s and a user of analytics, all whilst still believing in team chemistry and longevity. He is the current owner of a Westbrook Christmas Day jersey, McGrady cartoon Raptor jersey and is looking to further that collection. On the court, he’s a pass first Point Guard (capable of playing Shooting Guard as well), who loves knocking down a corner three and not defending – think Jarrett Jack. Outside of basketball, he can be found watching cricket or AFL, playing chess or looking up more basketball stats. Idol: Zach Lowe.

Twitter: @PFPElliott
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