Season Projection – Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers finished with just 21 wins in 2014-15, enough to secure the fourth worst record in the league and the second draft pick (thanks to the ping pong ball gods).  Over the off season, the Lakers struck out with LaMarcus Aldridge (hilariously I might add) which only adds to the growing list of failure signing big name free agents, but did add Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert and Lou Williams. This mishmash of inefficient or unhappy players looking for a fresh start  will be joined by draftees D’Angelo Russell, Larry Nance Jr. and Anthony Brown.They did lose Ed Davis, Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin, but player for player it seems as if they improved this offseason. The problem is, they didn’t. Nick Young, Lou Williams, Kobe and D’Angelo Russell will all struggle to shoot 40% from the field this season and these four are the primary scorers on the roster. That doesn’t bode well in terms of wins, especially with a defense that could potentially have Williams, Bryant, Young and Julius Randle on the floor at once – yikes!

It is clear that despite some major roster turnover in LA, this looks to be another year of hurt, with this model projecting just 23 wins for the Lakers this season. That would put them with apporximately the 4th best odds in the lottery and with their pick being sent to Phoenix if it isn’t in the top 3, it might be worth a full season of tanking if things are looking bleak early in Lakerland. So unless you’re expecting Williams, Swaggy P and Kobe to suddenly become efficient, Byron Scott to suddenly be a respectable NBA coach or Randle or Russell to be a superstars in their first seasons, it looks like it will be a long year.

Sidenote: I’m actually really looking forward to watching LA to see how all the ball hogs will play alongside one another and how Roy Hibbert will look in Byron Scott’s offense after looking lost on that end for the past three years. Oh the joys of the Lakers being awful.
Projected Record: 23-59
My Predicted Wins: 22-27

FGA 2015 85.6 FTA2015 23.6
OFFENSE 97.99 DEFENSE 105.3 FGA 2014 85.6 FTA2014 23.6
2014 FGA Ratio 1 FTA Ratio 1
Multiplier 0.9398 Multiplier 0.7456

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