Denver had an interesting offseason, one which could completely change the direction of this franchise. Denver looked to have maxed out the potential of their roster in the 2012-13 season with a 3rd place regular season finish followed by a first round exit in the playoffs. Despite recording 57 wins, the Nuggets proceeded to fire Coach of the Year George Karl for Brian Shaw, who is no longer with the team. Instead, the Nuggets brought in former Sacramento Kings coach Mike Malone. The final remnants of the Karl era were extinguished with the Ty Lawson trade to Houston which cleared up space for the Emmanuel Mudiay era to begin. Picked seventh in this years NBA Draft, many predicted Mudiay to be the top draft pick before this college season begun, a season Mudiay declined to participate in. Instead, Mudiay played in China before injuring his ankle, with the two events combining to lower his draft stock. However, by the looks of his Summer League performances, Mudiay is a potential superstar and one the Nuggets can build around.
In the model, the stats for John Wall’s rookie year were used for Mudiay. Wall’s were used because of the clear resemblance between the two players and the minutes available for Mudiay this season.

Denver’s point differential put them 14th in the West, hardly a surprising result considering Kenneth Faried is the best player on this roster at the moment. However, the future seems bright in the Mile High City with Jusuf Nurkic and Mudiay potentially being joined by a top 5 draft pick this season. Watching Emmanuel Mudiay develop before our eyes as well as the intriguing Jusuf Nurkic will keep life interesting for Denver fans. Hopefully Gary Harris sees more playing time this season as well to showcase some more of the young talent in Colorado.

The Nuggets actually have a respectable starting five of Mudiay, Foye, Gallinari, Faried and Nurkic along with Wilson Chandler coming off the bench and with Mike Malone as coach, they may surprise this season. However, it is easy to see it all going wrong if Mudiay becomes too turnover prone in the face of some of the NBA superstar Point Guards, Gallinari struggles with health and Faried never develops past role-player status. Overall, 22 wins and 14th in the West may be a bit low for Denver, but it may also be exactly right, anything can happen in the altitude.
Projected Record: 22-60
My Predicted Wins: 22-27

FGA 2015 87.30001 FTA2015 24.3
OFFENSE 98.041 DEFENSE 105 FGA 2014 87.3 FTA2014 24.3
2014 FGA Ratio 1 FTA Ratio 1
DIFFERENTIAL -6.959005 Multiplier 1.04630 Multiplier 1.10969

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