Season Projection – Dallas Mavericks

Seemingly every season the Dallas Mavericks attempt to garner a marquee free agent. This season, they chased both LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, the latter verbally agreeing to sign with the Mavericks before boycotting that deal to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers. Jordan’s change of heart (and the consequential circus that followed) proved costly for the Mavericks, as it also meant missing out on a potential replacement – namely Kosta Koufos – before settling for the offensive minded Zaza Pachulia. Along with missing out on Jordan, the Mavericks also lost Tyson Chandler, the veteran big man fled for Phoenix and left Dallas very thin up front and Monta Ellis, their primary ball-handler and go-to scorer throughout much of last year.

Whilst they did miss out on Jordan and to a less extent Aldridge (who they were never really in the hunt for), Dalllas did manage to sign Wesley Matthews to the max, Deron Williams at a bargain price if he can go close to being the player he once was and Zaza Pachulia, a capable starter who is probably the best of the alternatives to Jordan that were available. Pachulia is a solid defender, a good passer and has a jumper good enough to hit the open look, but he isn’t the Chandler/Jordan/Andre Drummond type that roll down the lane and finish in traffic. He also isn’t a great rebounder, a potential issue alongside Dirk Nowitzki.

Losing Tyson Chandler, Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder and Rajon Rondo who all played for Dallas at some point last season will hurt this defence mightily. With the aforementioned recruits along with Chandler Parsons and a 37 year-old Dirk Nowitzki soaking up the majority of the minutes in Dallas, it seems as if on paper their offense will decrease. Statistically, their projected points differential places them 7th in the West, however, that is if they maintain last years defensive points allowed. I don’t believe they will and as such have predicted the Mavs to finish 10th in the West this season.
Projected Record: 45-37
My Predicted Wins: 36-41

Projected 2015 Offense 104.4495 DEFENSE 103.5 FGA 2015 85.80001 FTA2015 22.5
2014 FGA 2014 85.8 FTA2014 22.50001
DIFFERENTIAL 0.9495 FGA Ratio 1 FTA Ratio 1
STANDING IN WEST 8 Multiplier 1.00453 Multiplier 1.032022

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